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Chrysler Minivan Clockspring Defect ?
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Chrysler's response letter

Van looks nice, but looks can be deceiving

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Chrysler recalls about 500,000 minivans

If you have found this page, you probably are experiencing the following problems with your Chrysler Minivan:

Airbag light stays on or blinks intermittantly
Horn Doesn't work or only works somtimes (thats fun)
Cruise control doesn't work

What do all of these symptoms have in common ?

They are due to a possibly defective part called a clockspring wiring harness that fails.

Most people have had to pay $250 for this repair, since Chrysler refuses to recognise this as a safety defect and recall this part. The good news is that they are now under investigation by the NHTSA. They are investigating this part in all 1996 - 2000 model Chrysler Minivans (2.8 million). DaimlerChrysler sold 124,511 replacement parts for the clockspring assembly so far. Nice profit on a defective part eh?

Click here to see an article about this investigation.

I filled out an online complaint to Chrysler's customer service department requesting that they fix the defective part free of charge. They refused to repair it for free and recommended that I fix it ASAP since its not safe to drive.
Wow, that's nice, let me run over to the dealer and give $250 to Chrysler to fix a defective part. Thanks, Do you think that I will be a return customer ?

I decided to give it one more shot. I thought that maybe if I spoke to a human being from customer service, they might understand that it is good customer service to repair defects that are the fault of the company.
The CS rep tells me that its a matter of opinion that this is a safety defect. I asked him if he thought that horns and airbags were safety items, he responded with 'I'm sorry, but we will not repair this item for free, if in the future this item is determined to be defective, Chrysler will repay me the money I spent on the repair.

Ohh, well they have lost return customers. This is my second Caravan and my father has owned three. Now we will buy from a different company.

What can you do to make sure this part gets recalled ?
Click the link to the NHTSA and fill out a compliant.
The more complaints, the more likely it is for a recall to happen.

NHTSA complaint form

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The Culprit

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This is a picture of the clockspring wiring harness

Disclaimer: This web site expresses my opinions only.
It has not yet been determined by the NHTSA if this particular part is defective. It is my assumption that this is a defective part, since so many owners are experiencing the same problem.